The Coonie Page

Cats huh? They come in all sizes and colours, but they are all just cats. Perhaps what I thought too until we discovered Maine Coons, the cats that think they are dogs! How many cats do you know that come running when you whistle, or follow you around like puppies? They also have the best temprament of any cat you will ever meet, not for nothing are they known as the gentle giants of the cat world.

Welcome to the world of Coonies ...







We have three of these big furry varmints, all brothers from the same breeder, and frankly the house feels empty now when they are not around. You just have to get used to everything being covered in a layer of Coonie fur!

From the top there is Micky, the grey one.



Roger is the white one.

Sadly since writing this page, we have lost Roger. He had an argument with a moving car, and was killed instantly. We miss him ... RIP Roger



And the baby of the family, but the biggest by some margin, is Hamish.



The Coonie Portrait Gallery







If you have a notion to own a cat, but don't much care for the snotty, offhand behavious that you get from most feline species, you owe it to yourself to get to know a Maine Coon. Be warned though, our next door neighbours were so enamoured that they now have two of them, and a friend of mine also has one. I think they may be addictive, especially when they are so cute as kittens. This is Roger just after we got him.



Kittens of course grow up, and Maine Coons can reach the size of small dogs ... you have been warned!