Hi, I am Paul MacIntyre, and the Audi TT V6 that you see here is mine. 

I bought it new from Camerons Audi in Perth less than two years ago, and  I am only selling it as I have my heart set on owning a Porsche 911, so my TT has to go I'm afraid. Your chance to grab a massive bargain.

I am asking about 5,000 less for it than you would pay if you bought from a dealer's forecourt, and as it still has over a years manufacturer's warranty left, (fully transferable of course) ... why pay more?


Audi TT V6 DSG. First registered on 1st March 2004, one owner, and with only 19,500 miles since delivery.

 Finished in Diamond Black paintwork, with red leather interior and the extended leather control pack. As standard the car comes with climate control, electric heated mirrors, electric windows, zenon headlights with washers and all the usual Audi stuff.  Above and beyond the standard spec, I have added cruise control, Audi 9 spoke alloys, Bose sound upgrade with CD player, and the colour coded control pack. 

The 3.2 litre V6 is a truly fantastic engine, with an almost turbine like smoothness, and of course a 250 bhp punch. If you have never tried the DSG gearbox, it too is a revelation, offering all the best of a traditional auto-box, but with full manual gear shift control either via the floor mounted stick, or the wheel mounted paddles. It even has launch control ... F1 style! The 4 wheel drive quattro chassis makes it a very safe yet rewarding car to drive in even the most miserable conditions.

The car has been fully maintained by the main Audi dealer (Camerons of Perth) and has just had its main service, which means it should not require any further attention for another 19,000 miles. All UK supplied Audis come of course with a full 3 year warranty, so there is 16 months of the warranty left, which will be transferred to the new owner. As you can see from the pictures (taken only days ago) the car is absolutely unblemished, and genuinely is in showroom condition. 

Price ... SOLD

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Cheers, and thanks for looking at the ad.

If you would like more info, or would like to come and view the car, you can contact me as follows;

Tel - Dr Paul Macintyre, 01333 320200

Email -