Porsche 968 Coupe - for sale.

Only about 1,000 968's were sold in the UK, which makes them a rare car, and well on their way to classic status. My car was featured in a major article in "911 and Porsche World" magazine in Dec 2003, which I have reproduced here. The only real issue with them is a weakness in the camshafts (mine has been fixed, see below) and as long as this has been seen to, they are all but bomb-proof. They were built to a very high standard, arguably better than the Porsches of today, and if looked after will last for many years yet. It is probably the most Porsche for your money you can buy today.

I bought this car as a retirement present to myself about 2 years ago, and I have loved every mile in it. I looked long and hard to find one as genuine as this, and I have subsequently spent a lot of time and money to bring it up to the best standard. It is totally original and unmolested, and as far as I know has never been on a track. I am only selling it, as I now live on a fairly modest pension and I need to economise. I am asking 12,950 for it, considerably less than this car would cost if you bought it from a dealer.



This is a 1993 Porsche 968 Coupe, K reg, with presently 82k miles. MOT'd and taxed till next June. Guards Red, with unmarked black interior, black leather electric seats and Club Sport steering wheel. Unused space saver spare tyre, with compressor, original handbooks in the proper leather folder. Original 16" Porsche wheels with coloured crests, electric removable sunroof. I have fitted a new Blaupunkt Daytona MP3 stereo and upgraded Blaupunkt rear speakers. This car would have cost about 40,000 when it was new. (Click on the thumbnails below for a larger view)

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The car has a complete service record with various Official Porsche Centres (OPC), with a fully stamped book, up to the point at which I bought it. I had it inspected and serviced by the OPC in Aberdeen, and since then I have used Hartech in Bolton for further work and service. For those unfamiliar with Hartech, they are probably the leading experts in this type of Porsche in the UK. I had a major service and check over carried out there earlier this year, and any prospective buyer is welcome to a copy of the 10 page report they produced. More importantly this included the replacement of both belts and all the tensioning rollers, and a new inlet camshaft, cam chain and pads, at a total cost of 1,250. The camshafts, and the associated drive chain are perhaps the only weak point on these cars, and almost all 968's will require this work done by now. Hartech described my car as one of the best 968's they had seen for some time. Under the bonnet is spotless, with no oil leaks. I fitted 4 Toyo Proxes FS-1 tyres, the correct N-rated Porsche approved ones, which are now about half worn. All new brake pads and sensor wires were fitted earlier this year. (The thumbnails below show the stamps in the service book, click to enlarge)

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For a car that is 11 years old, there are very few things amiss with it, a testimony to Porsche quality. Like all Porsches, it has a few tiny stone chips around the nose, and the rubber gaskets along the sills and rear bumper have shrunk, and need replaced. The number plates are tatty and need replaced. At the next service the brake calipers could do with attention to cure the beginnings of "plate lift", another common Porsche problem. (For an explanation of this problem, look here) To my knowledge, these are the only issues with the car.



You can phone me on 01337 830272, or e-mail me on johnh@arthurlea.com and I will be happy to answer any questions.

The car is in in Fife in Scotland, although for a serious potential buyer I might be willing to travel, or to offer you hospitality if you travel here.

John R Hunter