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Porsche 924S

My Porsche 924S. This was the car that started my thing about Porsches. I only really went to look at it in a garage one day and it followed me home. I kept for a year or so, did 10,000 great miles in it and sold it for 5 more than I paid. How many cars can you say that about? Read one of my stories about it here.

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Porsche 968

The best things in life are never easy to find, and my Porsche 968 was no exception. I looked for over a year , and had many wasted journeys in my hunt to find a good one, but it was worth it in the end. The 968 is one of the last of the old style "carved from solid" feel of Porsche, and is well on it's way to achieving cult status. If you are interested in one, I can strongly recommend the forum at where you will find lots of information. My car was even featured in "911 & Porsche World" magazine (Dec 2003).

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Porsche 924

Don't let anyone ever tell you that old chestnut about these not being "proper" Porsches, because they most certainly are. I bought this one in London over the phone, flew down and drove it home. I thoroughly enjoyed till the 964 came along, and I sold it at a small profit. Great car.

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Porsche 964

I'm not sure I chose this car, I suspect it actually chose me. Against all the odds, I found this for sale just a mile from my house, and this after scouring the country too, and I broke all the rules by buying it on the spot. I have put some time and money into it, and so far it just gets better and better. I even managed to find the original electric spoiler on eBay, win it and get it fitted to remove the Techart wing it came with. 

For some thoughts about my car click here

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